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If you’re willing for STATE ATM Franchise then give us a call at 7426907608 7073647895

If you’re willing for STATE ATM Franchise then give us a call at 7426907608 7073647895

About Us

About Us

ASK ATM Services Pvt. Ltd. helps individuals, entrepreneurs, individual investors, retail merchants and anyone wanting to earn through ATM business to make a passive income by taking an ATM Franchise. We ASK ATM know and understand the various options that BC points, banks, and retail merchants have when choosing to work with an ATM company and wanted to provide something better.
We started ASK ATM Services Pvt. Ltd. to help people understand how the ATM Franchise business works. Just about anyone can become an Independent ATM Deployed.
We can teach you everything you need to know to run an ATM Franchise business and become successful. We pride ourselves on customer service and don’t charge you any fees for our service.
ATMs are very profitable businesses because there is very little to no overhead expenses. You don’t need employees and there is a low start up investment. The best part is you can manage your ATM business from home at your own schedule. Are you ready to get started?

Follow these basic steps to set the foundation for starting an ATM Franchise business to ensure maximum potential for success:
  • One of the most important factors to the success of your ATM business is location. Think of your own experience to narrow down potential locations. Have you ever needed an ATM and couldn’t find one nearby? Where were you? The obvious prime locations are high footfall areas, shopping areas, and high traffic areas, but it’s also good to think outside the box. Consider your local fair grounds, parks where food trucks frequent, or sports venues.
  • Before picking out the ideal location, do your research. Spend a little time in the area checking out the foot traffic. After you’ve picked out a spot it’s time to talk to the store or venue owners. Sometimes it’s as simple as asking a store owner if they would like a free ATM machine. The convenience of an ATM benefits you, the store owner, and the shopper. Who wouldn’t want one nearby?
Secret of ATM Business is “Location"
You need to understand how others are Earning from ATM Business, before you start …
That’s why we are here to Guide You.
The best thing is - the Business is Automated - You need not Work.
To be successful, it needs 2 "T"s
People should visit your location (Traffic).
People should use your ATM (Transactions).

There is no magic or short cut to success in this business.
The only KEY to SUCCESS in ATM Franchise Business is LOCATION.
You can start with your own or rented business premise.
But, your profitability is dependent on your location only.

What matters here is the Daily Footfall.
.. More people using your ATM, means more INCOME, like any other business.
You do not need any special technical training to run ATM Franchise Business. Everything is taken care by the Experts.

About EPS

Electronic Payment and Services (P) Ltd. is a leading Retail Banking Technology Service Provider founded in 2011, by veterans with over 150 years of combined experience in the banking, technology and retail payments industry in India.
EPS was launched to address the demand for efficient, secure and technology driven products and services for the banking industry, to primarily address end-to-end Teller Machine (ATM) Operations & Outsourcing Services, as well as provide a holistic range of Managed Services and Digital Payment Solutions thus enabling banks to concentrate on core banking functions. In addition to ATM services, EPS also provides a best-in-class PCI-DSS certified Transaction Switching Solution, which can drive all industry standard front-end payment devices. In the fast-moving digital payment domain, EPS intends to be an end-to-end Technology Solutions Provider for banks.
EPS built a firm reputation on delivering results, reliability and dependability, having successfully deployed over 6000 ATMs for 26 banks in urban and rural locations across India, in support of the Ministry of Finance (Govt. of India) led mission to drive ‘Financial Inclusion’.
With added numbers in the portfolio, EPS will now be handling more than 10000 ATMs in India and continue to deliver trust, reliability and relentless service to its eco-system.
Along with a wide array of footprints in India, EPS has expanded to the APAC region in 2017 forming a wholly owned subsidiary of Electronic Payments and Services (India) known as Electronic Payment Australia PTY Ltd. EPAPL provides a comprehensive suite of payment solutions and services that cater to ATM, PoS, E-commerce, payment cards and all other digital mediums of transactions.

About Us

ASK ATM Services Pvt. Ltd. is authorized franchise provider for STATE ATM which is managed and run by EPS (Electronic Payment and Services Pvt. Ltd.)

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