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Why Choose TCPSL Franchise?

Embark on a rewarding entrepreneurial journey by becoming an IndiCash ATM franchisee, backed by India's leading White Label ATM Operator and the trusted TATA group. With a minimal initial investment, high return potential, and flexible business model, this opportunity offers a pathway to success in the dynamic financial services sector.

Entrepreneurial Opportunity

Partnering with India's top White Label ATM Operator, backed by the TATA group, offers a prime entrepreneurial opportunity in the booming financial services sector.

Minimal & One-Time Investment

Enter this opportunity with a minimal one-time investment, typically in the form of a refundable security deposit.

High Return on Investment

Enjoy a high return on investment potential, with the possibility of achieving up to 33% ROI in the first year and up to 53% ROI by the fifth year.

Flexible Business Model

Leverage existing Indicash sites or propose self-owned or leased commercial spaces for a flexible and customizable business approach.

Training and Technical Support

Access dedicated training and technical support through TCPSL's backend team, ensuring you have the resources and expertise needed to succeed in the white label ATM business.

Requirements for ATM Site

ATM Franchise Requirements