"Two Loads In One Minute" Cumpilation Porn xxx watch

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Lee 3 years ago
Lol dudes gotta be taking pills or something cuz that's alot of skeet
God 3 years ago
I’ve created a man who will save us all
Everyone. 3 years ago
I think we’re all wondering the same thing, I need a step by step on how to skeet like this. All of us do.
ilikewild 3 years ago
Ive GOT have to say I had laugh that one my GF's watching this says to me ; I ll swallow , ill take it anywhere ,on me or in me but you dont ever CUM in my HAIR...
Bun 3 years ago
6:08 oh man that was hot! How does he do that?!
how to skeet like this 2 years ago
step 1: ejaculate less often. let sperm buildup in your nutsack for about 4 to 7 days. Any longer apparently can decrease sperm count production.

step 2: Eat oysters. They promote sperm production. Side note: sperm taste will depend of what you eat. Fruits/sweet = good, bitter/salty = bad.

step 3: Masturbate but dont ejaculate. Do this over the span of 2 days. Dont masturbate to porn because its harder to control the release

also do kaggle exercises to increase shooting range
How? 3 years ago
How can a man posses this power? I need to train this ASAP lmao
Melsy 3 years ago
Ladies. If you are going to handle cock like that, take your clothes OFF!
3 years ago
One of the best comps I've ever seen
Fantastic loads , beautiful ladies .wow !
Wish 3 years ago
My man came like this! The loads are big but one and done lmao. This was hot!!